Sousuke Yamazaki || Episode 4

update on my night: swimming anime is actively destroying my goddAMN LIF E


art trade / for nymre

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probably my last erejean for a while (unless it’s requested) because I’ve been abandoning p much all my other fandoms and ships sobs

does anyone want to give me 15€ so i can finally buy a ukulele and start a band with my friends??? i regret so many financial decisions i made in the past few weeks rn

let’s play a game called ‘how many rom coms can i watch this summer’

the answer ofc is ALL OF THEM

for the lovely kris~~

We’re not going to form a group circle?

have fun ♥

thank u babe

i’m going back to bosnia in august and doing a lil tour and i’m going to paris in september and i would love to write some post cards! my point being, if you want one then message me :) this goes out to my mutual follows especially, i don’t really talk to anyone else here sorry ;;

aww i will miss you!

aw man i’ll miss you too and my daily dose of newt/herm ;;

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psa: i’m going on vacation (we’re visiting family in bosnia) starting august and i’ll probably be gone for about 3 weeks, i’ll set up a big ass queue bc i don’t think i’ll get good wifi there

so yeah.. just a heads up i guess


Dr. Geiszler thought he had taken all the necessary precautions executing his plan: Pilfer Gottlieb’s Snacks. He would Deny Everything as the X-FIles had taught him. He would remember to remove his gloves before contaminating the food this time. However, despite his best efforts to remain subtle, there was always that one particular detail he would overlook.

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the question is who in your otp is the enthusiastic parent that cheers way too loudly at soccer games

and which is the one who isn’t allowed at the soccer games anymore because they keep yelling at the ref


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